About Biology Boutique:
  • We are a fun and unique women's boutique, offering FREE standard shipping within the USA on every order $45 or more!
  • At Biology Boutique, you can still be fashion forward without spending a fortune to do so. Our inventory is ever changing and we are constantly bringing you the latest trends in women's boutique clothing.
How Biology was started:
  • Throughout college, I found it incredibly hard to find something unique, stylish, and affordable. The boutiques in my college town were really pricey, and if you did buy something, you could expect to run into someone else wearing the exact same thing.
  • I started dreaming about opening an online boutique geared towards women like me, who didn't want to go to a party and see someone else wearing your outfit, but also didn't have to spend your whole months budget on an outfit. A year after I graduated college, I launched Biology Boutique!
  • Once Biology was created, I began searching all over the country for head-to-toe wardrobe selections. I wanted Biology Boutique to bring the best quality and most variety of young contemporary boutique fashions at the best prices! Putting customers first has always been a top priority of mine. At larger boutiques, I feel like customers are just a number. At Biology, I never want that to happen! I am truly grateful for all the positive feedback I have received since launching Biology Boutique in 2014. I hope you can take the time to browse my website, and please email me if you have any questions! XO Caroline